mathias depardon


b. 1980 France
Mathias Depardon was raised between France, Belgium and the USA. After studying communication and journalism in Brussels, Mathias briefly joined the Belgian national newspaper Le Soir before devoting himself to reportage and feature work. His immersive process and slower approach to journalism allow for comprehensive bodies of work that reveal and frame important social, economic and political issues. He is the Laureate of the Bourse du Talent in 2011 for his reportage Beyond The Borders.  Mathias has work published and is commissioned regularly by leading international periodicals including Le Monde Magazine, Monocle, Elle, Internazionale, The Sunday Times Magazine and Foreign Policy. Exhibitions have included the Bibliothèque Nationale de France and more recently the Musée des Archives nationales in Paris.  He is represented by INSTITUTE.

Solo+Group Exhibitions 

Musée des Archives nationales (Paris, France 2017) TransAnatolia.

Rule-Breakers The Exhibition (London, England 2017) Group Show. GoldRivers.

Les Rencontres d’Arles. (Arles, France 2017) Projection of Gold Rivers.

Just Another Photo Festival. ( Varanasi, India 2016) The WildWest.

Tianshui Photography Biennale. (Tianshui, China 2016) Postcards of The Black Sea.

Foto Istanbul Festival(Istanbul, Turkey 2015) Postcards of The Black Sea.

Institut Français d’Istanbul. (Turkey 2015)  Postcards of The Black Sea.

Transcontinent/Obscura Photo Festival. (Penang, Malaysia 2014) Postcards of TheBlack Sea.

Mahal Cultural Center. (Cannakale, Turkey 2013). Beyond The Borders. 

Institut Français d’Istanbul. (Istanbul, Turkey 2013) Beyond The Borders. 

Hannover Young Photojournalism Festival. (Hannover, Germany 2012) Beyond The Borders.

Dust and Scratches Gallery. (Moscow, Russia 2012)  Group Show. Beyond The Borders.

Bibliothèque Nationale de France. (Paris, France 2011) Bourse du Talent. BeyondThe Borders.

Press Scoop Grand Lille. (Lille, France 2011). Group Show. UnPrintemps Arabe.

Visa Pour l’Image. (Perpignan, France 2011). Paris Match. Group Show. Arab Spring.

Instituto Cervantes. (New York, USA 2011).  Group Show at the Cervantes Institute. Revolutiones with CensuraLab and MJR.


Gd4Photoart Award by MAST Foundation. (Bologna, Italy 2016) Shotlisted nominee. 

International Photography Awards. (Los Angeles, USA 2011)  Honorable Mention. Editorial Reportage

Bourse du Talent/Reportage. (Paris, France 2011) Winner. Jury: Gökşin Sipahioğlu 

International Photography Awards. (Los Angeles, USA 2010)  Honorable Mention. Editorial Reportage


Institute of Artist. Los Angeles/London. (2016-Now)

Getty Images. New York, USA (2012-2016)

Getty Reportage/Emerging Talent. New York/London (2011-2012)


Eddie Adams Workshop XXIV. (New York, USA 2011)


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